Valley Vietnam veteran thankful to free standing ER after beating coronavirus

By: Monica De Anda

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A Vietnam War veteran is winning the fight against COVID-19.

Edwin Howell said he wouldn't be telling his story if it wasn't for the care he received at a free-standing emergency room.

Just a few weeks ago, the 71-year-old veteran was inside Exceptional Emergency Center after the symptoms of COVID-19 were too much to bear.

Howell was a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, working as a radio operator in Vietnam for three years. During his tour, Howell battled malaria and typhus, but he said that didn't even come close to how COVID-19 made him feel.

His wife rushed him to Exceptional Care Center after his symptoms became overwhelming.

Bruce McVeigh, the chief operating officer for Exceptional Health Care, said they tried transferring Howell to a hospital, but local hospitals were at capacity.

"We found ourselves in a really unique position of providing more definitive long term care in order to save lives," McVeigh said.

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