Valley Woman’s Mail Resumes After Broken Mailbox Lock Replaced

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UPDATE (3/19): An elderly woman says she's glad she won't have to drive to the post office every day to get her mail.

Bertha Radek says she had been doing it for two months because the lock on her mailbox broke and the U.S. Postal Service wouldn't deliver mail.

A work order was submitted and on Monday the lock was fixed. 

Radek's mail service has resumed.


MCALLEN – An 80-year-old Rio Grande Valley woman says her mail isn't being delivered to her home. She says it is because her mailbox is broken.

Bertha Radek lives in a McAllen apartment complex. She moved to the Valley over a year ago to be close to family after the death of her husband seven years ago. 

Radek says she has to keep in contact with friends and family because she has a lot she is dealing with, including esophageal cancer.

"I am sick, it is true. There are a lot of things, a lot of problems," she says.

She tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS two months ago, she noticed the lock on her apartment's mailbox was broken. She says the mailman is not delivering her mail as a result, so she has to ask a caretaker to drive her to a place where she can pick it up.

"I've gone three times to pick up my mail at the post office," she explains.

Radek says there's a lot she's expecting to arrive inside the mailbox.

"It's very important because it's all my bills. They sent me two packages from San Antonio because I lived there for 16 years. My friend from Chicago sent me things and I haven't received anything," she notes.

Radek says she's called her landlord two times a week for the last two months to ask about repairing the lock. But she says she only heard that they were working with the U.S. Postal Service to repair the problem.

"The landlord tells me they already called, they already talked," adds Radek.

But the mailbox lock is still broken and Radek just wants it fixed. 

CHANNEL 5 NEWS found out the mailbox is actually maintained by the U.S. Postal Service and not Radek's property owner.

We reached out to the USPS. A spokesperson for its Rio Grande Valley district, Sam Bolen, says he put a work order in on the mailbox and it should be fixed by Wednesday.

Radek says she is happy the mailbox will be fixed.

Count on CHANNEL 5 NEWS to follow up on this story in the coming days to see if its lock is repaired.

If you are having a problem with your mail delivery, you are asked to call the U.S. Postal Service.

Bolen says if you rent or own, the USPS wants to know when there is a problem with your mailbox or any other issue involving postal delivery. You can do so by calling 1-800-275-8777.


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