Washington lawmakers visit Eagle Pass, aim to bring attention to border security

By: Santiago Caicedo

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Senators on Capitol Hill are expected to decide on a measure many house republicans don't agree with, border security.

But a group of bipartisan lawmakers say they're going to work out their differences.

They visited Anzalduas Park in Mission to call attention to the constant illegal border crossings into the United States.

"It's a human tragedy that the border patrol has to deal with every day," Representative Michael McCaul said.

Three republicans and one democrat said they want to work together to help Ukraine against Russia's invasion, support Israel and change the U.S. immigration policy.

But some republicans in the House want to see the Stay In Mexico policy be reinstated, end migrant releases by border patrol and have a much stricter asylum policy.

There's a chance the senate bill will be rejected by Congress.

The senate is expected to vote on its measure next week.

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