Weedy lot at Pharr nature park under development causes nuisance for neighboring resident

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A woman from Pharr claims a park next to her home is causing concerns due to overgrown weeds.

Susana Huerta says the weeds at the park located at the Vanguard Academy Nature and Birding Center are as tall as her six-foot fence.

Huerta says some parts of the park are well kept, but the area next to her home isn't.

She worries the weeds are bringing unwanted visitors such as possums, snakes and rats into her yard.

A city of Pharr spokesperson said that per their agreement with Vanguard Academy, the school is actually responsible for park maintenance.

A few hours after CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the academy, workers were seen mowing the weeds next to Huerta’s home.

For more information watch the video above.


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