Weslaco Woman Wants to Know Why Brush is Not Being Picked Up

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WESLACO – A big old tree grew and grew until it was finally time to bring it down.

Ramona Hall, a 40 year resident of Weslaco, knew it was going to be a big task.

She brought in someone to cut it down and lay it in front of her house. Then she sat and waited for what she expected to be a municipal function.

"They told me they couldn't come get the tree," said Hall, "because the truck already passed through."

Hall said the tree had been on her curb since earlier this week.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Weslaco Public Works Director Pete Garcia who said the truck ran through the neighborhood the week before; before Hall put the tree out.

Hall would have to wait a little longer.

"The tree is dry," she said. "I'm afraid that someone will toss a cigarette or something and it'll light on fire."

On Friday, the public works director told CHANNEL 5 NEWS they were able to send a crew to pick up the tree.

He said it was so big that even if the normal brush crew found it on their normal schedule, they would have had to reschedule for larger equipment.

He adds it would help if the public cut their large branches into smaller pieces. It also helps for the public to be aware of their city's brush collection schedule.


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