Why Winter Texans visit the Valley

By: Crystal Martinez

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Many Winter Texans visit the Valley yearly, most staying in RV parks.

Usually, the peak season for their arrival begins in January, but some have already arrived to their second home. 

With so many visiting the area, the Valley can expect a large economic impact.

One Winter Texan says she loves to shop when she visits with her husband. They have been coming to the Valley for 12 years and loved it so much, they decided to make the move permanent this year.

"The difference here in the clothing is we don't have sales tax on clothing in Minnesota, but they tax everything else to death there in Minnesota, so really we find that everything else here is much more affordable," Winter Texan Ginger Engels said. "The food is cheaper, clothing, entertainment — it's a fabulous place to be."

As far as the money spent by Winter Texans during their stay, a company that assists in organizing their time here says over $1.2 billion is pumped into the Valley's economy from Winter Texans.

"The south Texas has so much to offer, it depends on — it doesn't matter what your interests are, you can find it here in south Texas," CEO of Welcome Home RGV Kristi Collier said. "The food, the shopping, and the cost of living is so much better than anywhere else you might find, and our proximity to Mexico, to South Padre Island — there is so much to do."

Some even become involved with nonprofit organizations and volunteer groups.

For those Winter Texans who are already here, there will be a homecoming starting at 1:00 pm at the Mission Event Center Tuesday. 


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