Winter Texans Seek Refund after Donna RV Park Fails to Provide Trailer

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DONNA – A couple from Missouri is waiting on a $500 refund from an RV park in Donna.

David "Jean" and Louis Cloven regularly travel to the Rio Grande Valley every December and stay until summer.

Cloven says that they made a $500 deposit at Big Valley RV Park in hopes of getting a new park model trailer, but when they decided to call in October to see if they had their home reserved for the winter, the manager of the park said they didn't have the trailers anymore.

"He said we don't have those park models, we're not going to get them. But I will see that you get a refund. I failed to ask him when," said Cloven.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Big Valley RV Park.

The manager explained off camera that he spoke to the Clovens about their situation last week. But the Clovens say they're not the only ones going through this.

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