Woman Concerned over Downed Tree Near Home

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BROWNSVILLE - A Cameron County woman says a downed tree near her home is causing a safety concern.

Yolanda Cruz says she noticed the tree on her drive home and spotted what she says is a dangerous situation.

The tree has toppled over and is being held up by power-line wires.

"If it gets wet, and it's touching that; a lot of people walk or ride their bikes, they could get electrocuted," says Cruz.

Cruz tells us she called the electric provider in the area last week to report the downed tree.

A spokesman tells us they can’t remove the tree because they aren’t their power company’s lines.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted AT&T at Dallas headquarters to inform them of the issue.

A spokesperson tells us in a statement, “We will send a team to remove the tree. If customers have questions about our equipment, we suggest they call 1-800-288-2020."

Cruz says she just wants the tree off the lines, so she can feel safe when she passes through the area on her way home.

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