Couple’s Vehicle Impounded in Mexico for Expired Tags

Couple’s Vehicle Impounded in Mexico for Expired Tags
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BROWNSVILLE – An expired Texas license tag in Mexico could be costly to travelers. One man’s vehicle was impounded for that reason.

San Antonio native Mario Rocha was en route to a doctor's appointment in Mexico with his wife. He said Mexican border officials impounded his vehicle.

“They took my keys. They started searching my vehicle and they’re like, ‘We’re going to confiscate the vehicle because we’re just following the protocol,’” he said.

They cited his expired tags as reason for the vehicle being impounded, which had expired the day before.

“I asked my (relative) to renew the tags for me. He did. Apparently, I was under the impression he swapped tags for me. The next day I just hopped into my truck and started going across the border,” Rocha said.

Rocha and his wife called his father-in-law who picked them up at the bridge in Brownsville. He is currently using his mother-in-law’s car.

Rocha said he was told if he returned to the bridge the very next day with his vehicle registration, his title, his plate and his sticker, he would be able to get his truck back. He said he did exactly that to no avail.

“I took everything in there. Nothing. You know? I get nothing. I just get, you know, the turn around,” he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported a similar story of a woman in the same situation about a year ago. A representative of the Mexican Consulate said at the time, “A person must have current insurance when they cross over and up-to-date registration stickers. Otherwise, they’ll get stopped at the bridge and their car could get impounded.”

We reached out to the Mexican Consulate, but they declined to comment.

“I’m still here. I’m still in Brownsville when I’m supposed to be in San Antonio back at work. So yes, I lost hope,” he said.

Rocha hired an attorney from Mexico. He is still searching for his vehicle and some answers.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles issued a statement in April. They warn Americans to have proof of registration and ownership before crossing the bridge.

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