Harlingen Man Refunded Money after Not Having Laser Surgery

Harlingen Man Refunded Money after Not Having Laser Surgery
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UPDATE (3/27): A Harlingen man was refunded $400 for laser surgery he did not receive.

Miguel Sanchez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he was having trouble getting his money back.

He said he changed his mind about having the procedure after the date of his initial procedure was changed.

Sanchez says he met with the owner of the clinic last week and was told his money would be refunded.


HARLINGEN – A Harlingen man says he wants his money back after he didn't get a surgery when he expected it. He says he hoped to eliminate his problem with spider veins.

Miguel Sanchez says he is in a financial pinch and needs his money back.

He works at night for a satellite cable company. He says it's hard to stay on top of all the bills he has.

"Right now, I'm the only one working full-time. My brother is not working," he tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

Sanchez says a couple months ago, he noticed the spider veins in his legs and feet were becoming more pronounced. He knew this was something he had to deal with right away.

"If not, they'll turn into what they're called the varicose veins. They'll get all bulging and stuff. And then, they'll start hurting," he explains. “And, I know it's more expensive to remove them later. Not to mention, the dangers that it has, you can get clots and stuff.”

Sanchez says he set up an appointment with Premier Laser and Aesthetics in early March and prepaid $400 for treatment.

But he says when he got there a week ago, he found out he wasn't going into surgery on that day.

He says the office manager said instead he was going to need a preliminary ultrasound to check his circulation.

"The doctor isn't coming in until next week. But you can always come in and use whatever money you have already put down for the treatment towards the doctor's visit, then he can make a decision," explains Sanchez.

He notes it would have been $150 extra for the ultrasound. He says he saw signs more payments would be tacked on.

"She said that the doctor was going to decide whether we were going to do it or not," Sanchez recalls. "If not, they were going to make more recommendations for other stuff."

So Sanchez decided to ask for a refund. He says he has called the laser clinic six times in the last week requesting his money back.

He tells us the office manager is giving him one answer.

"No, she just kept telling me no," he notes.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Premier Laser and Aesthetics in Harlingen.

The owner of the group, Sarah Reyes, spoke with us off camera. She says she cannot comment on the specific case due to HIPAA laws.

Reyes did say Sanchez can stop by and speak with her in the coming days to negotiate for a refund.

Sanchez is grateful the owner is willing to negotiate with him. He says he will stop by the office by the end of the week.

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