RGV School Districts Deciding Stance on Stress Toys

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MCALLEN – Some school administrators across the Rio Grande Valley are deciding the fate of a new toy. It promises children will pay more attention, but the reception in some districts is uncertain.  

The makers of fidget spinners said children will be more focused and pay better attention if they use the toy. But McAllen Independent School District administrators may not be convinced. They said they’ll let each school decide.

McAllen resident Sophia Garza said the fidget spinner actually helps her daughter. She said it helps her stay focused during the most important hours of the day.

There are different toys available on the market these days that claim to increase focus and decrease anxiety, including kinetic sand and fidget spinners. And while some say the toys are beneficial, there are still others that doubt them.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to McAllen ISD for their stance on the stress relievers.

They issued the following statement, “McAllen ISD gives each of its campuses leeway to formulate its own practice as to the allowance of fidget spinners. It would be best for parents to contact their child’s school to see if there are limitations regarding these items.”

We also reached out to health experts to get their input on the popular toy.

Counselor Christina Quilantan-Diaz said she’s on the fence.

“Some of our ADHD children are overly stimulated and some of them are under stimulated, and this will offer them an avenue to release that energy or get the energy they desire,” she said. “They could be a distraction for other students, especially if they want one as well.”

Garza said she understands the argument.

“I’m not going to go against teachers. So teachers, you always have the last word,” she said.

It’s a decision that will be left in the hands of each school in the McAllen district.

We reached out to several other Valley school districts. They said they know about the fidget spinners and will handle each situation separately. 

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