Smart Living: Gen Z and overcoming challenges in the workplace

Smart Living: Gen Z and overcoming challenges in the workplace
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Generation Z is starting to take over the work force, and it's bringing on a new set of challenges for this group.

Gen Z is a generation of young people who were born between 1997 and 2012. They make up about 12 percent of workers in the United States, and they've faced some unique situations.

Many entered the workforce during or shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic when most jobs were remote.

Now, new research is showing working from home could be setting them back.

An analysis of two million white collar workers by Live Data Technologies found remote workers received 31 percent fewer promotions than colleagues who are in the office, and another survey found 87 percent of CEO's at big companies favored in-office workers.

Missed work due to mental health concerns is another trend among Generation Z workers.

An analysis found that Gen Z employees are missing the equivalent of about one day's work every week due to mental health concerns, while only six of these 50 days were taken off completely.

Staff that did come to work struggled to achieve anything in the office.

Another difference with Gen Z is that work-life balance is more important than salary. In fact, it's the number one factor to consider when choosing a job for 38 percent of them.

By 2030, Generation Z will make up 30 percent of the workforce.

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