5 On Your Side: Elsa homeowner receives help in fixing broken gas meter after suspected drunk driver crashes into it

By: Christian von Preysing

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An Elsa homeowner learned a permit to fix his broken gas meter was approved after five months of waiting.

Joel Guerra says a suspected drunk driver crashed into his front yard back in March. He was able to repair his broken fence, but not his damaged gas meter without a permit from the Texas Department of Transportation.

“They have to go under the highway, they have to either dig a tunnel — that's what they've been telling me for the past four, five months,” Guerra said.

Channel 5 News’ 5 On Your Side contacted TxDOT on Guerra’s behalf. A spokesperson said the permit was submitted two weeks ago.

Following that Wednesday phone call, TxDOT reviewed and approved Guerra’s permit.

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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