70-pound sea turtle rescued after being run over on SPI

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A sea turtle was rescued after she was run over by a truck on Sunday along the beach near Mile 12 at South Padre Island.

Sea Turtle Inc. said the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle had just come on to the beach to lay her eggs when she was hit. One of the non-profit's patrol officers and interns saw it happen.

"Not only are we in the middle of nesting season which is a critical time - but we have families on the beach,” Wendy Knight, Sea Turtle Inc. executive director said. “And you should take care and drive slowly and be hyper-aware while you're traveling the beaches here. We all want to enjoy South Padre Island and both the city and the county beaches, but it's our responsibility to be aware and to be alert to avoid these kinds of tragedies."

The sea turtle is recovering and was able to lay one egg before she was hit.

Sea Turtle Inc. said X-rays showed the turtle still had eggs.

“So we're going to urgently work to stabilize her and treat her and get her back out into the ocean so she can lay those eggs,” Knight said.

The egg that the turtle laid was taken to the group’s egg corral where they named it “Nemo.”

It is a federal and state crime to injure a sea turtle.


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