Alamo Water Supply Repairing Leaking Tower on Sioux Road

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ALAMO - A local water supply company is working to repair a leaking water tower in Alamo.  

A CHANNEL 5 NEWS crew came across the leak inadvertently at a North Alamo Water Supply Corporation Tower on Sioux Road.

We saw water spewing out from a pipe that connects directly to the tower. The water was enough to fill up a ditch.

Our crews went back to the site on Thursday and found the water had not stopped flowing out of the tower.

Maria Garcia is a customer of North Alamo Water Supply. She said water pressure in her home is doing just fine. A few other customers we spoke to off-camera said the same thing.

North Alamo Water Supply Corporation operations manager Robert Rodriguez said crews were unaware of the leak. He said it was a mechanical issue with the tower’s altitude valve.

Rodriguez said there’s no way to tell how much water was lost. He said a system operator went out to stop the overflow.

North Alamo Water Supply Corporation encourages the community to call them if they see anything similar. Their phone number is 956-383-1618.

Count on CHANNEL 5 NEWS to bring you more details about the case. 


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