Bodies of U.S. citizens killed in Matamoros returned to the states

By: Sthefany Rosales

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The bodies of two Americans who died in a kidnapping last week in Matamoros crossed back into the country through the Veterans International Bridge in Brownsville.

The two victims — Zindell Brown and Shaeed Woodard — died after they were kidnapped at gunpoint shortly after crossing into Matamoros Friday.

Two other individuals — Eric Williams and Latavia McGee — were also kidnapped but survived the attack.

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The Associated Press reported Areli Pablo Servando, a 33-year-old Mexican woman, died in the attack from a stray bullet.

The four individuals from South Carolina crossed into Matamoros so one of them could get surgery there.

The investigation began after a fifth friend — Cheryl Orange — stayed behind contacted the Brownsville Police Department the following day, according to police.

"She did tell the officer that it's been 24 hours since her friends have been missing and they were supposed to go and come back real quick,” Brownsville police spokesman Martin Sandoval said. “The clinic they were supposed to go to was right close by."

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Officers checked local hospitals and the county jail before detectives passed the investigation over to the FBI.

All four individuals were found in a wooden shack outside the city of Matamoros on Tuesday.

Williams and McGee were transported to Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville, where they remain hospitalized as of Thursday evening.

Brown and Woodard’s bodies were returned Thursday shortly before 5 p.m.

A total of five people were arrested in connection with the kidnapping.


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