Bomb threat at Willacy County jail under investigation

By: Stefany Rosales

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Multiple agencies, including the FBI, are investigating a bomb threat that prompted an evacuation and lockdown at the Willacy County jail on Monday. 

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice confirmed bomb-sniffing dogs were deployed at the jail, but nothing was found. 

Brownsville police received a call about a bomb threat at 1 p.m. and responded to the scene, along with the FBI's bomb task force. 

Brownsville police say the bomb threat centered around a "pod", which is a control room for the jail cells. 

Jail staff was evacuated and the entire jail was put on lockdown until the all-clear was given two hours later. 

The company that operates the jail, Management and Training Corporation, said inmates were not moved during the investigation because the threat was not located near resident housing units. 

TDCJ and other agencies are further investigating the threat. 

Read MTC's entire statement below:

"On the morning of Oct 3, 2022, Willacy County State Jail received a bomb threat. Safety protocols were immediately followed as the threat was investigated. The health and safety of staff and residents is our top priority. Facility staff worked with law enforcement, including the Brownsville Bomb Squad, to investigate the threat, and found nothing. Residents were not moved during the investigation, as the threat was not located near resident housing units. The facility is on lockdown to facilitate a comprehensive search. Further investigation into the threat is currently underway in concert with TDCJ and other agencies."


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