Border Patrol Working to Locate Wanted Foreign Criminals

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GRANJENO – Illegal crossers wanted for manslaughter are in federal custody. Many of these criminals were on the run and wanted in other states.

Posts in a Granjeno backyard used to be connected. The owners say it cost too much to repair them.

They told CHANNEL 5 NEWS people from across the border keep destroying them.

"They'll hide anywhere. They don't care if their invading property or whatever,” said Granjeno homeowner, Gloria Garza.

Garza calls the border her home for more than 60 years. She has trespassers wanting to use her property as a pathway.

She said the reasons why they are crossing have changed.

"Before you could be outside and there were some illegals they asked you for water. I always had a jug of water or always had sandwiches some cold cuts or whatever, but now back to about three years ago you can't do that because you don't know who's coming in; what criminal background or whatever,” said Garza.

Over the weekend, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended several wanted people who committed crimes out of Washington, D.C., Tennessee, McAllen and Hidalgo.

"Border Patrol apprehended five criminal aliens. Their criminal history extended from two individuals connected with manslaughter, two sexual predators, and one internationally gang member,” said Border Patrol Agent Marcelino Medina.

Medina said they identify these criminals through their database; they get detained and processed by a judge. They spend time in prison depending on the offense and then they go back to their home countries. He agrees border patrol needs help.

"These recent apprehensions confirm that we still have a pores border and this personnel, technology, and infrastructure here in the Rio Grande Valley,” said Medina.

Garza wants to stop these criminals from coming back.

"I actually think we should have more security on the part of the river. Once they cross the river they are hard to catch. I tell because they can hide everywhere,” said Garza.

Garza explained she'll continue to be on guard and protect her property and hope border patrol does the same.

Medina said the Valley is the quickest route for people from Central America.

Border Patrol recommends if you see any suspicious activity you can call 800-863-9382.


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