Brownsville ISD reviewing books for inappropriate material

By: Gloria Walker

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Thousands of books line the shelves in libraries across Brownsville Independent School District campuses. 

In May, the school board decided at least five books were inappropriate for students.

"It's not so much focused on the theme of that, but it's explicit sexual language. That's what we don't want our students to be reading," Brownsville ISD Chief of Operations Dr. Nelly Cantu said.

Varying book genres from informational to young adult are up for review by the school district to see if they are appropriate for students. The list presented to the district currently has over 600 books up for review.

The list under review by a taskforce made up of Brownsville ISD employees. They will consider comment from community members as well.

"The taskforce, depending on the grade level, if it's high school, we do include our students, we have parents, we have an administrator, a librarian and an English teacher that sits in," Cantu said. "Is this book age appropriate? Does it have any explicit language that is inappropriate for children?"

The district says this is a large task, one that could take some time to complete. 

Brownsville ISD says they take parent feedback seriously, both those for and against the removal of certain books.

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