Calls for information by families of Harlingen nursing home residents left unanswered

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HARLINGEN – Concerns grow over an outbreak at the Veranda Nursing Home in Harlingen.

Pedro Leal Gonzalez, 92, is one of 47 residents infected with coronavirus at Veranda Nursing Home. His family is desperate. They've tried to get any news from the facility, good or bad.

"We've called the facility, we've can't get a hold of a nurse, we've called the facility again and the phone just keeps ringing, and ringing, and ringing. And we don't know if he's dead or alive today,” says Maribel Lopez, Leal Gonzalez’s grandaughter.

Lopez says that information has been close to non-existent, echoing calls CHANNEL 5 NEWS received from other families.

In an effort to help families contact their loved ones, we reached out the Veranda facility.

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