City Leaders Want Former San Benito Judge to Pay Restitution

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SAN BENITO – City leaders are demanding a former municipal court judge pay back thousands of dollars she took from San Benito.  

San Benito City Manager Manuel De La Rosa said former judge Frances Martinez Flores was found guilty of theft by a public servant years ago.

Martinez was sentenced in 2003 to seven years in prison.

A judge ordered Martinez to pay the city of San Benito nearly $742,000 in restitution.

De La Rosa said a recent audit showed the total restitution hasn’t been paid.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked him what the money would be used for. He responded in the following statement, which reads in part:

“It doesn’t matter. They are owed to the city. Any restitution of funds will go back to the city’s coffers in order to provide needed services for our taxpaying citizens.”


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