City of McAllen Tells Resident to Move Political Signs

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MCALLEN – With midterm elections just around the corner, many local residents want to show their support for their favorite candidates.

One resident tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS his city won’t allow him to fully support his favorite candidates by putting signs on his property.

McAllen resident Adelaido Martinez says he placed two political signs on his property about three weeks ago and had two code enforcement officers at his door Wednesday.  

"And they told me, straight out that I was in violation, that the signs were, according to them, obstructing the view of traffic,” says Martinez.

KRGV’s Trason Bragg reached out to the city.

A representative says Martinez was in violation of McAllen municipal code 103-81(4), which states no political signs shall be placed on public property controlled by the city.

In McAllen, the area between the curb and the telephone pole, roughly 10 feet, is considered public property.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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