Dangers of Using Rope or Chains to Tow

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BROWNSVILLE – Brownsville police are urging people not to use rope to tow their vehicles, especially on busy roads.

A multi-vehicle crash left two people dead and one injured Monday morning

Police chief Orlando Rodriguez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS a SUV was towing a small car using a rope and the rope gave way.

The man driving the SUV and a woman driving the small car got out of their vehicles and tried to secure the rope again.

That's when police believe a pickup truck struck the pair from behind pinning them between the vehicles.

We reached out to Rodney Myers, the general manager of American Eagle Towing, he said towing a vehicle using a rope or chain may seem like a cheap alternative. It can be much more dangerous than people realize.

"It could cost you your life. If you don't know what you’re doing, you can lose control," said Myers.

Myers began towing vehicles over 30 years ago. He said it's common to see people use ropes or chains to move their cars.

"I've seen them pull straight and snap chains too. So it can happen, it's not worth it." said Myers.

If you need to tow your car long distances, Myers says there are a couple options out there. One of them being a towing dolly.

If you do plan on using a dolly, a big thing to keep in mind is the vehicle pulling must weigh more than the vehicle it's towing.

Another method is to use a trailer.

"If you're not somebody that has pulled a trailer it can still be dangerous. You got all that weight on the back. If you’re not used to how it pulls when you get up on the road, it will start to do a sway. If you don't know how to get it out of the sway, you can lose control," explained Myers.

In the end, Myers said the safest method is to let someone with experience handle it.

"Leave it to the professionals. Call around, there is plenty of them, you can get quotes from everybody. Call around. Let them do it. It's not worth the headache," said Myers.

While it may seem like the more expensive method, Myers said it's better than risking your car or possibly your life.

Another issue using a rope or chain to tow is the effect it can have on your car.

Myers added it can damage the transmission of the car being pulled which can be a costly repair.


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