Donna Official Foresees Financial Opportunities

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DONNA – A temporary facility built by Customs and Border Protection in Donna is gone.

A surge of people crossing the border illegally last year prompted CBP to build a detention facility next to the Donna-Rio Bravo International Bridge.

CBP data shows:

  • In November, the Rio Grande Valley saw over 22,000 apprehensions, including family units and unaccompanied minors.
  • In December over 24,000.

The doors of the facility closed in December, just two months after they opened. A decline in apprehensions led to its closure.

By March 2017 there was an 80 percent decline and apprehensions totaled a little more than 4,000.

Donna City Manager Ernesto Silva said he was surprised to see the facility go but said the city will benefit. A commercial truck inspection site is already in the works for the land.

“We will have to build some roadways, extend some water and sewer lines, and then build some canopies. The inspection facilities themselves, such as X-ray machines and some dock space for them to unload the trucks, and also some offices and all that is being designed all this time,” he said.

Silva added it’s going to benefit the city.

“It will bring in more income. You know, the commercial vehicles pay $22.50 toll versus passenger vehicle only pays $3.50, so it’s a big increase,” he said.

Silva projects the commercial truck inspection site to be up and operational by December 2018.


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