Donna pool company owner sentenced to over 8 years in jail over incomplete pool jobs

By: Dianté Marigny

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The owner of a Donna-based pool company was sentenced to more than eight years in jail over his business practices that left 17 customers with incomplete pools.

Channel 5 News cameras were rolling as Dennis Gomez appeared in court Thursday and was taken into custody. Former clients of Gomez burst into applause when the judge sentenced him. 

A court reporter said Gomez owes $421,000 to 17 victims over incomplete pool jobs. The judge ordered Gomez to serve 180 days per victim.

In July, Channel 5 News’ 5 On Your Side spoke with several Valley families who said they paid thousands of dollars to Gomez’s company on pools that were left unfinished.

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Coverage of customers speaking out against Flamingo Pools spans as far back as 2011.

A court reported told Channel 5 News that Gomez can be released from jail if he pays back the money he owes victims.


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