Drivers Fuel Up in US After Mexican Gas Stations Shut Down

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HIDALGO – Mexican drivers flocked to the U.S. to fill up their tanks as hundreds of gas stations in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas were shut down on Wednesday.

Drivers said the price of fuel is lower in South Texas than it is in Mexico.

Tamaulipas resident Lucy Rodriguez said she took the time to cross from Mexico and fill up her gas tank in Hidalgo. She said gasoline prices in the U.S. helps her save enough to pay all her bills.

Rodriguez said she tries to conserve as much money as she can.

“We don’t go out often. We try to save the gas so it will last a long time,” she said. “People are so upset because they don’t have enough money to go around.”

The Mexican resident said she understands why people are protesting gas prices in Mexico.

Rodriguez said she tries to get as much done in one trip as she can to save on her gas expense.


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