Former Boyfriend of Murder Victim Irene Garza Speaks Out

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EDINBURG – On Monday, flowers and notes were left at the gravesite of McAllen teacher who was murdered in 1960.

Over the weekend was a time of closure for friends and family of Irene Garza.

A jury found former priest John Feit guilty of killing the McAllen woman Easter weekend of 1960.

After Feit's sentencing Friday, the court offered a chance for people to speak directly to the convict.

Garza's former boyfriend and her nephew directed their scorn toward the former priest.

"I'm really happy that the jury sentenced you for life," said Arturo Torres, who dated Garza and joined her for the senior prom. "That's not near anywhere what you did to Irene."

The impact statement is the legal term for the practice. Criminal defense attorney Sergio Sanchez said it allows loved ones to vent to a convict in a safe place.

"Any other setting, it's just not as controlled as the way a courtroom is going to be," said Sanchez.

Torres said his ex-girlfriend was a devout Catholic and was taught to respect the clergy. He said he prays for her every day.

"You deprived everybody in this room and everybody in this town,” Torres said. "Everybody loved Irene."


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