Fraudulent Calls from Closed College Won't Stop for Alamo Woman

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ALAMO – An Alamo woman is concerned after callers posing as a representative of a college, that’s no longer in business, and the Social Security Administration keep dialing her number.

Michelle Juarez says the fraudulent calls won’t stop.

"I get about maybe 40 calls a day and it's from all these different numbers," she says.

Juarez says the calls are coming from Brightwood College; she tells us she was excited at first since she applied for a program at the college.

"I was like 'wow, they called me back' you know maybe like for financial aid. So I can start the RN program and I called them and it wasn't. So that was a downer,” she says.

Juarez says when she called the number back, it was someone posing as a Social Security Administration representative.

Brightwood College has been closed in the Rio Grande Valley since Dec. 2018.

The Better Business Bureau tells us residents who want less calls from telemarketers and possibly fraudulent calls should not call registry.

For more information watch the video above.


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