Grupo Fontera performs for Edinburg Memorial School students

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A group of Edinburg Memorial Middle School students were treated to a concert on Wednesday by Grupo Fontera.

The local band has three hits on the Billboard Hot 100 right now, and the group's lead singer actually attended Memorial Middle School, which is why he accepted the principal's offer to perform.

"I'm from the east side, so it makes me real happy to be able to give back to students at the school I used to go to," Adelaido Solis said.

Students who were treated to the concert had to have had perfect attendance, pass all their classes and have no discipline referrals.

"I have a tremendous amount of pride in knowing that one of our students is successful in his genre of music," Memorial Middle School Principal Fermin Gonzalez said. "We kept announcing it to our students 'Hey, this is the incentive if you want to qualify for this make sure that you follow along'... today was a fruition of that."


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