‘He is the patriarch of the zoo:’ Gladys Porter Zoo mourns iconic gorilla

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The Gladys Porter Zoo is mourning one of their gorillas who made history at the zoo.

Lamydoc, a 60-year-old silver back lowland gorilla, passed away on Thursday. 

He led a full life and passed away after outlasting many of his caretakers, and forming a bond with his newest one.

He was born in 1962 in the wild and brought to the zoo in 1970 where he became the dominant silver back - the leader and father to 11 gorillas.

"And actually two of his daughters are here, still part of our family group,” Mark Echevarria – the zoo’s associate curator of gorillas and carnivores said. “And here at Gladys Porter, we have three generations. We have his daughter, his granddaughter and his great-grandson."

Lamydoc also set a record at the zoo as the oldest male gorilla under human care in the world, Echevarria said.

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