Immigrants Released by Gov't due to Maximum Capacity at Detention Centers

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MCALLEN – A local respite center is seeing an increase in immigrants released by the federal government.

Catholic Charities Respite Center says they've seen nearly 2,000 in just two days.

Sister Norma Pimentel says Border Patrol notified her that processing centers are at capacity.

“They needed to release more people so that way they could bring it down and be able to process the new apprehensions of people that were arriving," she says.

Freddy Antonio Bonillo says he crossed the Rio Grande with his five-year-old daughter and his wife, who is pregnant just a few days ago.

He says they made it across the river in a group of 300 people.

"We went to the detention center and more people came; the detention center wasn't enough," says Bonillo.

Catholic Charities says they’re doing their best to make sure families aren't out in the rain and the streets.

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