Indictment Reveals Tri-City Bombers Nationwide Operations

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MCALLEN - More than two dozen alleged gang members indicted on multiple federal charges have ties to the Rio Grande Valley.

The alleged gang members face federal racketeering, drug distribution and money laundering charges, and are accused in a string of murders, attempted murders and robberies.

A gang expert told CHANNEL 5 NEWS their arrests are leaving open doors for other Tri-City Bombers to move up in ranks.

Gang expert MaryAnne Denner said the criminal organization started in the area of Pharr, San Juan and Alamo in the 80s.

“The Tri-City Bombers started many years ago as – they were a football team actually. And of course, there’s no money in being a local football team, and you know a lot of them went into activities you know illegal activities,” she said.

The Tri-City Bombers have been linked to a shooting in broad daylight on a San Juan Street and the murder of six people as they left a Donna bar.

Denner said the group was given guidance from a prison gang, the Texas Syndicate.

“It’s interesting to note that a prison gang, that was probably one of the first real prison gangs, took a street gang and molded into what they’ve become now,” she said.

Despite the indictment on various charges, Denner said it won’t impact the gang. She said gangs are proactive and ready for any obstacle that comes their way.

“It’s not making a dent, it’s just making opening for somebody else,” she said.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said the Tri-City Bombers is one of the country’s most dangerous gangs.

The FBI, DEA and a number of other groups continue to investigate these cases. 


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