La Bestia: Dangerous Train Being Used by Immigrants Again

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WESLACO – After six years, a dangerous train known as La Bestia that transports immigrants is being used again.

La Bestia or “The Beast” is a federal Mexican train that immigrants ride near the southern border, known for danger and extortion.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to a Honduran mother who claims the train saved her life.

“I asked the trailer guys to help me with a push. I was able to get on the beast, thank God the train was parked,” she says.

Associate professor at George Mason University, Guadalupe Correa, tells us the train was mostly used by immigrants from 2009 to 2014.

“Many people get mutilated; they fall from the train. Some criminal groups get on the train and they extort migrants. It's a dangerous journey; it's a dangerous way to go, but it's a cheap way and a fast way to arrive to the border,” says Correa.

The Mexican government shut down allowing immigrants to ride the train in 2014; six years later it’s being used again.

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