Laureles Residents Want More Patrols after Body Discovered

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LAURELES – Cameron County Sheriff’s investigators are awaiting autopsy results to determine the identity of a woman whose body was found in a field in Laureles.

The discovery left Laureles residents feeling uneasy. Many living on FM 319 said they've seen plenty of commotion in recent days.

"It's been really surprising to us, because there's been a lot of vehicles and sheriffs," longtime resident Mary Garcia said. “And you really don't see that. The sheriff deputies don't really come over here."

Garcia said she wants that to change.

"It's necessary that they patrol this area every once in a while, because it's very isolated here," she added.

The field where the woman's body was found borders Garcia's property.

"Things in this neighborhood are calm, so it does surprise us and it makes us worry. What happened? Where did she come from or who caused his harm?" she questioned.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio told CHANNEL 5 NEWS investigators are still trying to determine how the woman died and how she may have ended up in the field.

"We don't work on assumptions, we work on facts," he said. “So they're waiting to see, after they clean her up, if they find something to indicate that this is the person we're looking for."

While investigators find those answers, Garcia said she’s hoping to see more patrols near her home.

"Pass through here, so that we can feel safer," she said.

Lucio said an autopsy has been ordered.


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