Lyford Residents Concerned after Foul Smelling Tap Water

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LYFORD – Some residents in Lyford are concerned after days of their tap water smelling foul.

Isidro Charles says he wasn't able to shower last night or this morning.

"It smells really bad, like rancid - like a pigs den. When you take a shower, you end up smelling like a pig, rancid," explained Charles.

He says the water coming out of his faucets smelled foul since Saturday night.

Another resident impacted by the issue, Gracie Rosas, says she did take a shower despite the water smell, but got the stench all over her.

Her neighbor, Armando Rodriguez, is also upset because he says the city hasn't notified them if they should boil the water or how much longer the issue is expected to last.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to concerns to Lyford Mayor Jose Solis.

Solis says his public works crews discovered the issue Saturday night and tested the water for contamination.

For more information watch the video above.


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