Made in the 956 Update: 'Raspas Con Mi Grandpa' author wins International Latino Book Award

By: Trey Serna

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Raspas Con Mi Grandpa author Eliza Garza has won the International Latino Book Award.

Garza won in the category for the Best Educational Children's Picture Book.

The International Latino Book Award, or the ILBA, is the largest award in the U.S. that celebrates achievements in Latino literature.

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Garza was previously featured in Made in the 956.

Garza said she got the inspiration to write Raspas Con Mi Grandpa from her family, friends, and the raspa shop show owns.

"Here in the Valley, we make a lot of memories over having a raspa with someone," Garza said. "We go out on the weekend, and we pick up some snacks, and we eat them together; and growing up, those are some of my fondest memories."


Garza took that inspiration and turned it into a book.

"So the book is about a little boy in South Texas who is anticipating a raspa adventure after school with his grandfather," Garza said. "You get to hear a lot of the terms we have here in the Valley, slang, mia, mio, what chamayo is, where it originated from. We eat a lot of these things, but we don't even know what they are, we just know that they taste good, right? So I really wanted the child to know what they're eating too and the history of these snacks and where they're from."

To learn more about Garza's book, her speaking engagements and more, you can visit her website elizamgarza.com


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