Man who Works for Repossession Company Speaks Out About Dangers on the Job

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WESLACO - A local man who works for a repossession company is speaking out about some of the dangers he’s encountered while doing his job.

Ramiro Villareal says he works a dangerous job and always hopes the owners understand.

“You go with orders to pick up a vehicle or something because they failed to meet obligation but they don't look at it that way," he says.

Villareal says he considers himself fortunate to have never had a gun pulled on him after hearing about the man who was shot by a homeowner while trying to repossess property Tuesday.

"That guy is lucky, that guy is lucky because people get furious," he says.

Local attorney, Daniel De Luna, says repossession companies are not allowed to go into private property if the gates are closed or locked.

De Luna says the repossession company does not have to let residents know before taking property.

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