McAllen Woman Convicted of Murder Requests New Trial

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WESLACO – An appeal request for a new trial for Monica Melissa Patterson is set to go before a judge in two months.

Patterson was found guilty in the murder of 96-year-old Martin Knell last month. She was convicted of aggravated theft, attempted theft and misapplication of fiduciary funds.

Her appellate attorneys filed a motion for a new trial on all her convictions.

Criminal attorney Armando Guerra explained a retrial will be motioned if there are jury misconduct and other reasons.

"Now another reason would be newly discovered evidence, if there is evidence that was newly discovered that wasn't presented in the first trial, that's another basis for a motion for new trial," said Guerra.

He said the appeal will go before a judge within 75 days.

If the judge rules in favor of the retrial, the case will start over again with a brand new jury.


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