Mercedes Residents Concerned Over Flooding Issues

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MERCEDES – Tuesday’s rain clogged drainage pipes in one Mercedes neighborhood worried residents.

The community says they want to know where the county comes in on the issue.

Thirty-year Heidelberg resident, Jaime Contreras, says his calls to the county for help have gone unanswered.

“The edge of the streets are collapsing. All that dirt is going into the ditch, so it's covering the outlets of the water to run,” he said.

In Heidelberg, some drainage pipes are either partly or completely filled with dirt, he said. Others are just invisible, hidden under growing grass.

Contreras says the clogged pipes give way for water to stay stagnant.

“The water is staying there, and it's causing a lot of hazard for the community, here,” he said.

Contreras said come heavier rain, the puddle might grow higher and into the surrounding properties.

Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Assistant Chief of Staff Jose Cabeza de Vaca released the following statement to CHANNEL 5 NEWS, which reads in part:

"Heidelberg subdivision was reconstructed in 2016, which was under the supervision of previous administration. Hidalgo County Pct 1 under the leadership of Commissioner David Fuentes is assessing the situation and will respond accordingly. We encourage residents to maintain pipes free and clear of trash and debris so water can flow properly and prevent flooding in case of heavy rain.”

Contreras said a neighbor of his has taken up the job of digging out the pipes from under the dirt until the county comes up with a solution.

They just hope it does not keep raining too hard.


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