Mexican National Caught Smuggling Cash at Hidalgo Bridge

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HIDALGO – A Mexican national is behind bars after being caught trying to cross into Mexico with a gun and more than half-a-million dollars in cash.

Customs and Border Protection said Hugo Alejandro Inostroza-Garcia, one of the bus drivers, was trying to cross the Hidalgo Port of Entry.

During an inspection, CBP officers found two duffel bags hidden in the engine compartment of the bus containing more than $541,000 and a pistol.

Inostroza-Garcia told officers he met a man in Houston that hid the money. He said he believed the bags contained over $10,000 and planned to transport them into Mexico.

He mentioned he is aware of the requirement to report currency over $10,000 to CBP but didn’t report the money.

Inostroza-Garcia also told officers he was paid $300 for smuggling money from Texas into Mexico a month ago.


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