More National Guard Troops Heading to Texas-Mexico Border

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ROMA – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he will follow Pres. Trump’s orders to boost the number of National Guard troops to the Mexico border to at least 1,000. Some have already made their way to the Rio Grande Valley.

On Monday, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Blackhawk helicopter was in in the Roma area. There were positioned on a small patch of land known as Bowers Island.

While at the scene, CHANNEL 5 NEWS witnessed two rafts of 23 people attempting to cross the Rio Grande. The helicopter hovered over until all 23 people swam back into Mexico.

The group didn’t make it into the U.S., but this is the type of activity the president wants to stop by deploying the National Guard to the border.

Approximately 250 National Guard troops were deployed to the Texas-Mexico border on Friday. Their role is to assist other law enforcement agencies to combat illegal border crossings and drug trafficking.

While Guardmembers will be armed, they will not perform law enforcement duties. They will only serve as an extra set of eyes patrolling the border and assisting law enforcement.

Watch the news clip above for further information.


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