Mother Worries After Harlingen CISD School Impacted by Flooding

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HARLINGEN - Less than a month before school starts and workers at Dishman Elementary in Combes are still cleaning up after recent flooding.

Piles of debris surrounded Dishman elementary after the flood; the school was left unrecognizable. 

Mindy Garza says she’s concerned about whether her son will be attending this school.

Garza’s youngest son is set to start fifth grade in three weeks.

"I don't think it was this severe where I see them doing the construction that they're doing now," she says.

Garza is concerned the school won't be ready when classes resume.

Assistant Superintendent for District Operations and School Safety, Oscar Tapia, says cleanup efforts at Dishman elementary began immediately after the flood.

"The first step that we had to do was to dry the building out immediately. The longer the water sits there, the more problems, the more what they call weeping is going to happen," he says.

Tapia says they used wet vacuums and squeegees to get the water out.

He tells us the district hired an environmental consultant to assess moisture damage; they want to be certain the school is safe for students.

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