Orange Crush Defense Dominating

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EDINBURG – Economedes is excited about their 3-1 record. One of the team’s big strengths has been their “Orange Crush” defense.

“Believe, we’ve got to believe and got to make an effort,” said senior defensive back Abel Moreno. “A sense of urgency and that’s basically it. We’ve got to be tough.”

“It’s all pursuit,” said senior linebacker and defensive back Rolando Alvizo. “That’s all they teach us. That’s all we need to know. That’s about it.”

Against Roma, the Jaguars swarmed the ball carrier. The result was the team’s third shutout in four games.

"We’re proud of the effort,” said head coach Gabe Pena. “Our defensive staff and our boys, they believe in what they’re doing. They believe in their concept, they believe in their schemes. There’s really no rocket science to it. Just keeping things simple. When the effort’s there and the kids believe, anything can happen.”

What’s happened is, the Jags are 3-1 for the 2nd time in three years.

The team says they’re getting stronger every week.

“We feel great,” said Alvizo. “We feel like we can beat a lot of teams.”

“I’m real excited,” said Moreno. “Our defense is pretty good. This year we have many seniors and we’re doing pretty good.”

Economedes has given up just seven points all season.

But the “Orange Crush” defense has their toughest challenge ahead, as they face 4-0 Weslaco Thursday.

“Our approach is going to be the same,” said Pena. “We’re doing things the way we’ve always have. This week, the goal is to be better today than we were Saturday morning for practice.”

Coach Pena says Saturday’s practice was one of the best practices his team has had all season.

Today, the Jags continued the preparation for district play in the weight room with an intense workout.


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