Recent rain impacts Edinburg neighborhood undergoing drainage improvement project

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People in an Edinburg neighborhood are having a tough time getting to and from their homes.

They say it’s because a construction project meant to help them has been causing problems for months.

Residents in the Edinburg cul-de-sac in east Edinburg say due to the rain and the construction, their cars have been getting stuck in the mud.

"[We’re] having people drop food off at the end of the street, having to walk through the mud to go and retrieve the food and supplies that we need,” Kristene Puente said. “They had to lift my truck out of the mud completely, they couldn't pull me. I was stuck in the vehicle for three hours."

Contractors ended up using heavy equipment to push the vehicles out of the mud.

"Everything they dug from those trenches, instead of removing it, they just piled it onto the sides of the road,"  Puente explained. “So even a light rain cause all of it to come back into the road."

The construction for the drainage improvement project in the neighborhood has been going on since December. 

“We have a narrow street to begin with,” city engineer Mardoqueo Hinojosa said. “We only have one way in and one way out of each street that we're working on… but then we have three underground utilities that we're working on."

Construction is currently on pause. 

"Right now we're just mitigating it,” Hinojosa said. 

Crews are standing by to wait for the road to dry out. The plan is to be done by the end of April.


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