Red Cross Multi-Agency Resource Centers Provide On-Site Psychologists

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LA FERIA – Hundreds of families in Cameron County are still looking for help after their homes remain flooded.

Red Cross opened a multi-agency resource center in La Feria Wednesday.

Jennifer Maldonado went to the multi-agency to learn about the resources available to help her boys.

She says she is still unable to go back home after it began falling apart in front of her two young boys.

"Our 13-year-old had to witness everything that was happening. Our 11-year-old when he woke up he put his foot down in water that covered his knees & it was so frightening for him to wake up like that," says Maldonado.

She says her youngest son is still shaken by the experience and at times the memories of her home flooding are too much even for her.

The multi-agency resource center has psychologists on-site to help families like Maldonado’s.

Red Cross psychologist Vivian Ferrer helps with mental health support following natural disasters.

"Mental health is something that we sometimes postpone. Immediately what people want is to fix their home and fix the immediate crisis but they don't realize that's taking a toll on them," says Ferrer.

She says it's necessary for people to take a minute to reflect and process what's going on.

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