Residents Blame Lighting as Cause for Dangerous Road

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PALMVIEW – Residents are saying the accident along La Homa Road in Palmview is reminding them of a similar accident in 2014.

They say a high school student died while getting out of a bus nearly 5 years ago, about four miles away from the incident this week.

Maria Martinez says she has lives off this road for 20 years and remembers the high school student’s accident.

“The worst part about this is the darkness that we have here,” she says.

She says there are no lights other than at intersections or the beams shined by passing cars.

KRGV’s Sierra Pizarro spoke to Commissioner Joe Flores about the issue.

"First, our prayers are with the little girl and her family," said Flores.

"My staff and I have been working on a plan to make that area safer for children at that intersection as well as for all residents. I expect to have more information to release early next week, once we perform our due diligence," he says.

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