Salvation Army Justifies Aid Amidst Criticism

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MCALLEN - Some residents are coming together to help the organizations helping immigrants who crossed the border illegally.

Ed Remple says the church he attends donated funds to the Salvation Army in McAllen.

For the first time, the Salvation Army is housing 100 immigrants a night at the request of the Catholic Charities Respite Center.

Captain Stephen Correira from the Salvation Army says the situation is an emergency expense for his organizations and called for donations.

In response, some have criticized the Salvation Army for assisting people who crossed the border illegally.

Correira says their mission goes beyond that.

The Salvation Army was also called to serve 600 meals a day for immigrant families.

“That’s what every human, regardless of where they come from, should deserve to have,” says Correira.

He says their mission means providing food, clothing, shelter, water and hygiene.

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