School district renovating Starr County landmark for 175th anniversary

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RIO GRANDE CITY – The work is already underway at Fort Ringgold to renovate a deteriorating landmark.

The Rio Grande City CISD Fort Ringgold campus was used by soldiers in the 1800s – now it’s used for teaching students.

Gina Gonzalez went to school at Fort Ringgold when the barracks were converted to classrooms.

As a member of the Commission of the 175th anniversary Revive Fort Ringgold Organization, Gonzalez had the idea to renovate the canopy landmark on campus.

The canopy will resemble the original style – after that, more projects are scheduled for the surrounding barracks and the parade field.

They hope to be done in time for the 175th anniversary in four years.

For more information watch the video above.


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