South Padre Island restaurant sees decrease in Spring Break customers

By: Lily Celeste

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Spring Break is officially over, and this year businesses at South Padre Island say they didn't see the economic boom they're used.

"This is a slower Spring Break for us. The business is, especially looking back a year ago, business has probably been down probably about 15 to 20 percent," Blackbeards' General Manager Orlando Rodriguez said.

Blackbeards', a longtime favorite on the island, has had a slower Spring Break than years past.

Rodriguez says their biggest day this week might not even have had to do with Spring Break at all.

"The only backup that we did see this week was the day of the [SpaceX] launch on Thursday," Rodriguez said "It was more active on Thursday than it has been the other days."

Rodriguez says the crowds haven't only gotten smaller, there's a change in who is coming and spending money.

"One thing that we have noticed is that more families are traveling, more families are coming to the island versus students," Rodriguez said.

There is hope as another round of Spring Breakers make their way to the island.

"It makes me hopeful that there would be more business than what would be expected. So when you're expecting it on one week, and it's not as busy, and it's cut in half, then you tend to see the rest of it come the following week," Rodriguez said. "So it evens out."

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