SPI Increasing Safety by Utilizing Air Evac during Spring Break

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SOUTH PADRE ISLAND –The city is increasing safety measures during spring break by utilizing an AirLife.

San Antonio Air Life area manager Trey Howard says he knows as more people come to South Padre Island, the need for emergency services grows.

"You don't always know what is going to happen but we have a crew that's able to handle things with critical care transport,” says Howard.

He explains that Harlingen is the nearest trauma center to the island and the AirLife will be the safest way to get there in an emergency situation.

Shingi Chingaya is a first time South Padre Island visitor who says he was nervous about safety measures.

Chingaya says he feels safer now that he knows there’s an AirLife that can help if something happens.

Howard says the services will be offered until the end offered until the end of spring break.

The crew is on call at all times of the day for any emergency situation that may occur.

For more information watch the video above.


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